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My Yoga Classes

Peace by Piece Salt Cave Yoga is all about Svadhyaya or self-study. As you enter a peaceful and holistic space, your body will become relaxed and refreshed. You try something new, engage your different senses, and find contentment through this discipline.

This pranayama based experience is open to all levels. Community classes are the last Saturday of the month @ 10 & 11am. Personalized and closed group sessions available by request at

Yoga Classes for Your Physical and Emotional Well-Being

For a holistic approach to your health, you need to meditate on what gives you peace of mind through yoga. You can attain spiritual and physical happiness with the yoga lessons of Peace by Piece Salt Cave Yoga in Minneapolis, MN.

Interested in adding depth to your teacher training? Looking to add new workshops for your current clients? Taralee Cayce has worked with multiple studios throughout Wisconsin, Minnesota and North Dakota. From yoga philosophy to alignment to trauma sensitive and body conscience yoga techniques. Workshops and classes available that are digestible, memorable and spark the student to better their teachings.

Good teachers stay great students PBP

About Me

When I was little, I, Tara-Lee Cayce (TLC), had a hard time falling asleep. My grandmother would tell me to breathe and count as slowly as I could. This was my first yoga practice. Originally trained through Iyengar Yoga, I continued learning yoga disciplines for social justice, trauma-sensitive, restorative, as well as pre and postnatal practices. I also studied meditation-based exercises.

In 2015, I began teaching yoga classes in Salt Cave. My sessions promote self-discovery through nonviolent communicating and energetic sequencing. These will make you feel that your body is lighter and your mind is clearer. From high school marching bands to silver sneakers the variety of clientele doesn’t change the mission. Yoga is the tool to better our existence, it is in all of us simply waiting to be explored.

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